We welcome your feedback on the new IXmaps internet mapping tool
With as little 10 minutes of your time you can provide valuable feedback on our re-designed website, and thereby help us greatly improve awareness of privacy and surveillance issues around internet routing!
Mapping Your Data, and Who Accesses it, as it Travels Across the Internet

Every time you do something online, your data passes through switching centres, where it is potentially subject to surveillance. IXmaps Beta (https://ixmaps.ca) is new version of the IXmaps.ca internet mapping tool that has been re-designed to improve how you can see where your personal data is routed across the internet.

We would appreciate your assistance in determining whether our re-design, based on the user feedback we received last year, makes it easier for people to map how their data travels as well as understand privacy and surveillance issues arising from this. The full questionnaire can take 30 minutes or more to complete, but no question is mandatory. So if your time is tight, just answer the question(s) that interest you. (But don't forget to click Submit at the end!) Even a few minutes of your time will be valuable to us.

This survey may be completed anonymously, but if you’d like updates on what changes we make with the feedback we receive or want to help further, we invite you at the end of the questionnaire to provide your name and email. We will keep your responses, including any identifying information, confidential.

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want to provide feedback directly, please let us know at ixmaps@utoronto.ca.

Before we start, we would like to know about the device you are currently using, as this may affect the appearance and performance of the website.

Have you ever heard of, or visited, the IXmaps.ca website (https://ixmaps.ca) prior to today?

As you open up the IXmaps Beta website...

Please go to https://dev.ixmaps.ca in a separate browser tab and spend a few minutes exploring
Did you experience any technical problems?

If so, please indicate the nature of the problem(s). It is helpful if you can mention the version of the operating system and browser you are using.
Were there any aspects you found confusing or points at which you didn't know what to do?

What are your initial thoughts about the new site?

e.g. appearance, ease of use, usefulness (for what?),
Please visit the Learn/Issues page (https://ixmaps.ca/learn/issues.php)...

Check out the issue(s) you find most interesting, including the How to Use IXmaps to ... as well as related FAQ and Glossary items,
Which of the four issues listed was most interesting for you to pursue?

Feedback on the Learn section? e.g. anything wrong, confusing, missing, especially interesting or otherwise noteworthy...?

Please visit the Map page (https://ixmaps.ca/map.php) ...

Using the Search features, map a few routes that interest you. Explore with your mouse to reveal more details.
Were you able to find any routes that originated with your ISP from near your home city? If not, what difficulties did you experience?

Were you able to find any routes that boomeranged? If not, what difficulties did you experience?

Feedback on the Map page? e.g. anything wrong, confusing, missing, especially interesting or otherwise noteworthy ..?

Please visit the Contribute page (https://ixmaps.ca/contribute.php) ...

Contributing your own traceroutes to the IXmaps database involves downloading and then running our customized traceroute generating software.
Was your browser among those IXmaps traceroute generation software works with?

Were you able to successfully download and install the IXmapsClient software?

Were you able to successfully run the IXmapsClient software and contribute traceroutes to the database?

Feedback on the Contribute page? e.g. anything wrong, confusing, missing, especially interesting or otherwise noteworthy ..?

Please visit the Transparency page (https://ixmaps.ca/transparency.php) ...

To help Canadian internet users understand better how well their ISP and the other carriers that handle their internet communications, we have assessed 43 ISPs on 10 criteria related to privacy.
Was your ISP among those IXmaps assessed in its latest privacy transparency report?

Which of the 10 evaluation criteria used for awarding ISPs stars are most important for you?

You can select more than one.

Feedback on the Transparency page? e.g. anything wrong, confusing, missing, especially interesting or otherwise noteworthy ..?

We'd welcome any final thoughts about your experience overall ...

After exploring the site, do you have a better sense about how internet traffic operates in Canada?

What did you find most difficult or problematic?

What did you find most interesting or rewarding?

What is the one thing you would improve about IXmaps?

Anything we forgot?

And finally. Stay in touch with IXmaps!

If you'd like updates on our redesign or to help us further in some way, please provide relevant details. We will keep your contact information confidential and delete it at the end of the project.
Are you interested in assisting the IXmaps project further?  

If so, please indicate one of the following you'd be most interested to help with.

If you can help further ...

Please provide a few further details, e.g. other areas of possible assistance listed above, particular interests, relevant background you'd bring, time availability,...

If you want to help further, or simply want to be alerted to  any major developments in the IXmaps project, please provide your name and email address.

Thank you!

We appreciate the time you have spent to help us develop a better internet mapping tool.

We will take your valuable feedback into account as we make further improvements.

Please return again to take advantage of the fine input you and others have provided.

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